Monday, February 10, 2014

30 Contact Lenses Photoshop Brushes Set

This glamour pack is composed of 2 styles of contact lenses:

12 photoshop brushes for a natural look (used for intensifying the regard and for changing/enhancing the natural color);
18 brushes for a different, fancy or maybe wild appearance.
This is a perfect set of professional Photoshop brushes for graphic designers and illustrators. You can use these brushes for personal photo manipulation, professional fashion and glamour portraits, surreal and fantasy illustration, etc.

For the natural look I usually use 2 overlaid brushes, on different layers. For the first one (which serves as a base) I choose a more compact brush in a filling color. The top one (for accent) will, of course, be in an accentuated color. For a perfect match between the two layers I play with the opacity of the top one and sometimes erase parts of it, using the diffuse eraser tool on different opacities.

Have fun!

Files Included: 1 .abr file for Photoshop CS6 – Highest Resolution 5000px; 1 .abr file for Photoshop CS3 & later versions, before CS6 – Highest Resolution 2500px; 1 PDF help file.

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